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Development of competence in a web-based laboratory

Vocational stays abroad as a means to foster individual vocational competence development
In societies that are highly influenced by globalization and migration, intercultural competences can become a vocational and personal key competence for every young person. Vocational stays abroad are suitable to create a valuable learning environment and individual development approaches for learners in this context.

Learners profit from dealing with cultural differences, the use of a foreign language, the immersion into a new cultural and professional environment and the organization of the trip.
Moreover, internships abroad can help learners to explore their own capabilities and competences and then to include them into their learning processes. Therefore it is essential to regard stays abroad not as an isolated event but as part of each learner's individual development.
Consequently, there is a necessity for vocational schools to systematically prepare, implement and evaluate vocational stays abroad.

Challenges regarding supervision of internships abroad by schools
Furthermore, it is a problem that learners often get feedback by their tutors only after the end of the internship, when the regular evaluation of the practical experiences is due. A learner’s prompt reaction on teachers' feedback during their internship abroad is normally not possible. Ultimately, this affects the quality of activities performed within the company as well as the reflection of the practical experiences.

Making teachers' work easier by web-based support of learners during their stay abroad
WebLab promotes a web-based mentoring approach for schools to support learners' stays abroad, particularly for the times of the actual internship in a foreign company.
Concepts of web-based support of internships can help the learners to discover their own capabilities and competences and to implement them into their learning processes. This approach enables them also to acquire competences in the field of digital media, e. g. appropriate designing skills and creativity in a world that is dominated by media.

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webLab - Development of competence in a web-based laboratory

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01/10/2013 until 30/09/2015